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We Know That Partnership Success Is Not About The Introduction

In fact, the leading cause of partnership failure (in 86% of cases according to a McKinsey study) is the absence of ‘partnership capability’. Partnerships are powerful – and with great power comes great responsibility. Partnership capability enables you to avoid the common failure points of partnerships before it’s too late and a fantastic partnership opportunity is overlooked, under-leveraged, lost, or thrust into conflict.

We have created a tangible and proprietary system and network, combining over 20 years of extensive and specialised partnerships experience, working with a myriad of leading companies from major banks and airlines, through government, university, SME, micro and start up.

Whether you’re looking for increased growth, distribution, to build a more resilient organisation, need innovative funding models, want to disrupt the status quo in the system you work or just exceed some of your goals – then Partner2GROW is for you.

We truly believe that we all do better together and it is our vision to make the power of true strategic and marketing partnerships accessible to organisations of all stages and sizes. We live and breath partnerships and what we know works personally AND professionally which is a bonus!

The Ideal Partnership?

We are often asked how to identify the ‘ideal’ partner. We believe that in a successful partnership all parties must benefit; there should be no one that does not come out better off, this is the true meaning of a partnership.

“A partnership is an arrangement where parties known as partners, agree to cooperate to advance their mutual interests.”

We know that it’s not the biggest partnership that will get you the best result but the best aligned partner. The ideal partnership is the intersection of 3 key success factors:

About Simone Novello

Simone Novello is the Founder and Managing Director of Partner2GROW, an ex-corporate entrepreneur and keynote speaker. She is considered to be one of Australia’s foremost Strategic and Marketing Partnership authorities, and has been recognised with many awards during her nearly two decades in the industry. Simone has worked both agency and client side in the field, and has had responsibility spanning across the Asia Pacific region. She has formed alliances worth hundreds of millions of dollars with leading brands including American Express, ANZ, Commonwealth Bank, Virgin Australia,

Sydney University Union and Myer to name a few. Having driven results that brought clients, management and shareholders a robust return on investment from the application of partnership marketing strategies, Simone was determined to take her expertise and passion to the next level. With a desire to leverage her inside knowledge to benefit more businesses, Simone developed the 6 Module Partner2GROW system. Since then, Simone has built an extensive and impressive network of partner-friendly businesses across the globe – all from the comfort of her lively and rustic Blue Mountains property.

About Simon Lowe

Recently joined the team is Simon Lowe aka ‘Hammy’ (click here for a short and entertaining explanation of his nickname). Hammy is a Scientist turned Partnerships genius, and is reportedly the second best partnership marketer in the region (cheeky wink). His core belief is to practice the tenants of good

partnership building and collaboration in order to get more done together, developing innovative solutions that create unprecedented business growth, resilience and profitable disruption. Working with hundreds of companies from large corporates such as AGL, Woolworths, Suncorp, Holden and numerous national

retailers, multiple Government departments through to NFPs, small Start-ups and online businesses, he’s generated hundreds of millions of dollars in increased revenue, and resource stretching and delivery of key policy goals through innovative funding and execution models. He recently graduated from the Sydney Leadership Course run by the Benevolent Society,

is a yoga teacher and a sensational cook (especially on an open fire).

Our Approach – La Dolce Vita (Sweet Life)

Simone’s aspiration to live a simpler existence born from her Italian heritage, coupled with her desire for the outdoors and adventure, led her to make a tree change and create Partner2GROW – so she could help others do better together.

Since then, Simone has built an extensive and impressive network of partner-friendly businesses across the globe – all from the comfort of her lively and rustic mountains property. These businesses are instantly reaping the financial, brand and lifestyle benefits of partnership marketing, and are actively engaged in a group that supports each other and openly shares knowledge on a daily basis, no matter where they are placed on the map.

Privileged to sit on all sides of the partnership fence, and learning from many astute partnerships and professionals, we have thoroughly decoded the success formula for creating lucrative and sustainable partnerships. We start by getting to know you and your business so we can make the best recommendation to achieve your business and lifestyle objectives leveraging the resources you have.

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