Our Mission

To introduce our clients to innovative opportunities they may never have known about otherwise, and help them get results faster, giving them a distinct advantage in achieving objectives and overcoming challenges.  We want to put the soul back into business and communities through a genuinely aligned P2P (people to people) focussed service that delivers win win outcomes restoring the satisfaction and fulfilment people deserve in their professional and personal lives. 

What We Do

We help individuals, established business owners, entrepreneurs, partnership professionals and head of departments to achieve objectives and solve problems by harnessing the power of the right, often innovative, strategic and marketing partnerships.  We do this via assisting with pitch strategy, building strong relationships, providing advisory and mentorship during the process, making suitable partnership introductions and leveraging our extended networks.

Our Work

Our personalised partnership solutions are right for forward-thinking individuals in key stakeholder roles with funded startups, established businesses, Government, NGO, Educational Institutions, Corporates, social enterprise and NFP, who want external support to identify and engage with the right partners, create innovative offerings, negotiate terms and conditions, and deliver win-win results.


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“Our goal is to make our client’s partnerships as successful, sustainable and easy to manage as possible. We help you to be matched to the right opportunity, get the right pitch across the line and negotiate win-win results.” Simone Novello