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" is the only investment I've made in my business that has brought me phenomenal rewards beyond anything I could imagine."



Watch the short video to hear how Sally Hart of Clever Closet Company doubled her income and secured a partnership with a national retailer.
By developing a robust & proven partnership capability, and a core strategy, you’ll never miss a lucrative partnership opportunity or create an under-leveraged partnership again.

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This is truly the secret to creating a resilient and fast growth business, in an ever changing world.
What’s Included In The 2-DAY PartnerUP Intensive
PartnerUP is a live workshop event presented by Partnership Expert, Simone Novello. In this training, you will discover who are the right partners for you, how to pitch your ideas and get the results you want while delivering great value to your partners and clients.
In this two-day-live-workshop, you will expand your horizons on the 10 most common ways you can partner for maximum leverage, learn how to find the most aligned partners, create a winning offering, engage partners with a winning proposal, negotiate a deal, achieve maximum success in all partnerships, and minimise the risk of failure.
What you will learn:
   • How to find the right partners for your business
   • The most appropriate types of partnership to help you achieve the results you want.
   • How to pitch your ideas with a focus on win-win outcomes.
   • Write a winning proposal to reduce the risk of failure.
   • Develop your negotiation skills to deliver great value to your partners and clients.
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Get Partner Ready
In this session we’ll work with you to get partner ready. You’ll understand how to adjust your partnering approach to suit the stage of your business maximising your probability of success.

We’ll cover objective setting, defining your target market (and we’re not just talking about demographics!), identifying your not-negotiable values, identifying what you need to grow, how much growth you want in your business and much, much more.

VALUE: $3,500.00

Identify & Amplify Your Assets

In this session you’ll uncover the assets you have right now (yes we all have them!) that will unlock more profit in your business immediately.

We’ll cover a review of your personal and business assets, how they could be benefiting an alliance partner, how you can increase your attractiveness to prospective partners and much, much more.

 VALUE: $3,500.00


Pinpoint Your Ideal Partners
In this session you'll get clear on who your ideal partner prospects are and who you should approach.

We’ll work together to map out your customer journey to see who else they’re interacting with, brainstorm your ideal partner list, prioritise it so you can get to the low hanging fruit fast, show you how to uncover key information about them and quickly assess if they’re a good fit for your business right now, start making approaches plus much, much more.

Meet our Community of Partner-Friendly Business
Join us for a fun and productive happy hour where you’ll have the opportunity to network with our alumni of partner friendly businesses and strategic partners, and start using your new skills to make valuable connections — plus, have a great time too! 

VALUE: $3,500.00

PPlease note: Drinks are an optional extra, and the cost is additional.

Your Best Offering
In this session we’ll take you through the top 10 most common types of marketing partnerships and work with you to identify what types of offerings best suit your business.

We’ll cover the essential information you need to find the best fit offers, do a reality check against your assets and partner readiness to ensure you can support it, and finalise your arsenal of offerings plus much, much more.

VALUE: $3,500.00


Open Doors & Seal the Deal
In this session you'll be given the tools to open doors, get meetings and sign up alliance partners.

We’ll work together to craft a great elevator pitch, show you how to make the right approach, what to say in your first meeting, how to present your offering, address common objections and mistakes, confirm the proposition, protect your IP, set up the right agreement and get to the handshake!

VALUE: $3,500.00

Manage & Leverage, Plus 90-Day Action Plan
In this session we cover important information about protecting your alliances, setting them up and managing them in the right way.

We also dedicate the last session to reviewing the work you’ve done over the two days and setting a clear plan for executing it over the next 90 days to achieve your objectives.

You’ll have an opportunity to network with the group and test out your alliance pitch addressing and overcoming any questions that may arise. By the end of the session you’ll have the confidence you need to continue implementing.

VALUE: $3,500.00

1. PartnerFAST Program
To help you get started immediately you’ll receive our quick start digital program designed to help you get some quick wins by targeting your low hanging fruit (existing network) for a marketing partnership using assets you already have.
Value: $495.00

2. Attract and Find The Right Opportunities
By joining the Partner2GROW Community you will get higher level access to PartnerLINK enabling you to be found by and search for the right partners, and get your opportunity promoted across our partner friendly networks.
Your Investment?

$2,965.05 with 10% for UTS staff, students or alumni 

$2,800.33 with 3+ registrations from same organisation 15% 

$2,965.05 with 10% VIP discount 

^Value is based on estimated consulting rates as a point of comparison to working with us through our leveraged programs.
100% Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident you'll love the 2-Day PartnerUP Intensive that it is fully guaranteed. By the end of the first day, if for any reason you don't feel it's for you, your money will be refunded, no hard feelings!

See full terms and conditions
as all steps must be completed in order to receive your refund.
We also offer tailored private workshops for any organisation or individual, that’s interested in exploring new opportunities and
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