When it comes to significantly improving your business success and potential, we’re all looking for the best strategies that really work, and won’t leave us at a disadvantage.

The business marketplace is so cluttered with miracle DIY solutions for growth and cash-flow (a business owner’s primary concerns right?), it’s nothing short of overwhelming.

How can you find and better connect your offering with your audience?

The answer to this question boils down to two primary points: finding your starving crowd, and partnering with people and businesses to make an even bigger splash, faster.

According to GE’s Global Innovation Barometer 2014, 77% of executives globally, believe that collaboration is the key to success.  The rise in collaboration among successful companies is staggering.  More than ever before, it rings true that leaders collaborate, they don’t compete.

To really get a better understanding of the starving crowd, I recently chatted with the authority on the topic: Robert Coorey. Robert is a Reality TV Pilot Host and best-selling author. The Huffington Post called Rob “one of the most influential online marketers across the globe“. His #1 best seller Feed a Starving Crowd (which I had the pleasure to contribute to), gives you everything you need to better identify and target, prospective leads and customers much more directly and successfully.

Robert outlined a specific case study that shows you what this looks like in motion – and how it can help you find even greater success.

Case Study 1: Dr. Libby Weaver

Holistic wellness and nutrition specialist Dr. Libby Weaver, has continued to produce a wealth of books with unbelievable success. One of her more recent books, Beauty from the Inside Out, is no exception to this success story.

Dr. Libby didn’t just stumble into this success, however. For this book, she followed two critical points which made a huge impact:

1. Identify the Starving Crowd.

Dr. Libby took to her Facebook group, and asked her fans what sorts of issues they would like to hear about. The response was enormous. She received all sorts of useful, helpful and specific replies.

A high number of her fans enthusiastically requested advice on how to remove dark circles under their eyes.

By working with her audience, Dr. Libby identified the starving crowd niche. She used her own professional knowledge and experience to craft a helpful and thorough text, around that audience demand. This is the information that drove the production of Beauty from the Inside Out.

2. Partner with Complementary Businesses.

Once she knew what people wanted to hear about, Dr. Libby then sought help with her marketing. She engaged bloggers and other non-competitive health professionals to get the word out, and boost her online marketing results.

The results speak for themselves. The book has remained a runaway hit, keeping Dr. Libby busy with seminars, speaking engagements, and TV interviews and segments.

What Dr. Libby’s story shows is the powerful combination of finding your starving crowd, and working with partners to boost your potential. Every business that follows this formula can see major improvements in their overall sales.

Cast Study 2:  The Baby Diaries

Our own client Tara O’Connell of The Baby Diaries, also followed this formula to achieve success in an industry where only 1% of phone apps will ever see the light of day.  Her app is now listed in the top 10 apps for new parents.

This baby app was developed by a busy working mum. She says making daily routines simpler after the birth of her last child, was a necessity rather than an option.

“After the birth of my second child, I expected to replace the pen and paper used to record my first baby’s daily activities 11 years earlier, with an App. Sleep routines, change, feeding times and quantities, introducing and monitoring solid food reactions, and keeping a log of milestones had been a job in itself back in 2001!” she recalls. “Many parents will remember the hard Baby Books that are sitting on shelves only partly completed due to a lack of time. I thought surely there would already be a Baby App that helps parents to keep track of all these essential daily habits and milestones” she said.

Tara has formed a number of clever marketing partnerships, including one with a leading baby bag company, where a Baby Diaries phone sized insert is now included in every baby bag sold! This is at no cost to either party.

App downloads have grown by over 400% since Tara made partnerships a key part of her growth strategy.  What she loves is the longevity of partnerships, to increase performance beyond the 48 hour peak afforded by publicity.

According to Robert, the true secret to building your own success, isn’t to develop a crowd yourself. Your starving crowd is already out there (in your and/or your partner’s database). Your job is to find them, and give them what they’re already hungry for.  And your partners will love you for it!

How to Find Your Starving Crowd without Spending any Money

Below are 3 go-to tips from Robert that you can use to better identify your own starving crowd – without spending any money.

1. Find ‘Pain Points’ to see what customers want

Pain points simply refer to areas within a product that clash with customers. These points can give you a direct glimpse into what customers want. And you can use this information to better target your starving crowd – and give them what they actually want.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to check Amazon reviews of similar products or services that you’re offering.

“3 star reviews are always the most helpful,” Robert mentioned. “1 and 5 star reviews are often void of meaningful information or they’re biased. But 3 star reviews really speak truth about a product. These customers have spent some time with a product, tried it, thought about it. What they have to say gives you a true glimpse into what they really want. And this is the type of knowledge that will help you refine your own product or offering, for even better results.”

2. Use ClickBank to rapidly find the starving crowd in your niche

ClickBank is an extremely helpful online marketplace, where digital content creators connect with affiliate marketers to promote their products. It’s a perfect avenue to connect with your starving crowd, and increase your revenue potential. It’s also a perfect place to quickly identify the types of products that are attracting starving crowds.

“What you’re looking for here is the higher gravity score,” Robert explained. “This is the number of affiliates who are promoting a certain product. The higher this number, the more apparent it is that it’s a profitable idea – and the crowd is starving.”

Robert says, seeking out the highest gravity scores, best identifies which products are really moving. That way, you’ll better target the specifics in your niche that lead to greater sales.

3. Work with Partners and try things

One of Robert’s greatest skills is filling up seminars and other live events. In one case he references in his book, his task was to fill up 2 rooms for events in Sydney and Melbourne. While the task was daunting, Robert’s success came down to working with his partners and trying a variety of strategies.

“We tried all sorts of ways to get people interested and excited,” Robert noted. “I had my staff write up a social media blast. We partnered with an affiliate broker to mail to their customers. I had a good friend write up a post in his highly popular blog. While some of these strategies didn’t work, many of them did.”  Partnerships are a great way of minimising risk while you are testing a new niche or offering.

Partnerships can be leveraged in a whole host of ways.  A great way to leverage your partners is to collaborate with them on what their customers need, that you have. 

What you think a partner wants, and what they actually want, is often different, and it really comes down to opening up the doors for a successful collaboration, by building a relationship and asking the right questions. The worst thing you can do is assume.

Robert and I recently have done some partnership marketing together. We’ve run multiple webinars, plus he attended my event as a guest presenter. This partnership was a win-win-win for both of us, and our respective audiences. It really showcases the power of identifying and working with partners for even better results.

Utilising partners can bring you even more success, no matter what your business. According to Robert, combining this with a ‘never fail’ mentality makes you unstoppable. The key is always moving forward, trying new things, and staying hungry while you do it.

In keeping with the theme of this week’s blog, what is the number 1 concern you have in your business right now, and what is the number 1 outcome you’d like to achieve, that you believe partnerships can help you with?

If you’d like us to show you LIVE, how to leverage partnerships and find your starving crowd, Rob and I are co-hosting a call THIS Friday. Click here to find out more and register.


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